Bathroom Renovations: How to & Planning

Bathrooms can be tricky to renovate, especially if you are currently living in the home that is being renovated. When planning a renovation it is best to make a list of the items you want to replace and plan on ordering everything ahead of time in order to handle the renovation in a quick and efficient manner.

Budgeting for your bathroom renovation

Improvements to your bathroom can increase the value of your home. It is best to budget for quality products as ordering cheap products with poor quality can cost more in the long run if your products fail or age quickly. You should also be wary to shop around for products that help you save on energy and water costs.

Bathroom Products

Inspect Your Bathroom for Issues

Know that bathrooms commonly contain mold and possibly leaks hidden behind walls. Be sure to inspect floors and walls for leaks and mold as well as other problems such as old piping, drain issues or electrical issues. Add some cushion to your budget to handle any of these issues if they come up.

Bathroom Tiles

Remember that your bathroom is probably one of the most used rooms in your home and does need to withstand a lot of traffic, humidity and moisture and wear and tear. Porcelain Tiles are commonly used in bathrooms because they can withstand weathering better than many other tiles. It is also a good idea to get larger sized porcelain tiles so that you minimize the amount of grout that you need to apply and maintain.

Bathroom Sinks & Vanities

When shopping for a bathroom sink and vanity keep in mind the type of tiling you will want to use. It is common to use matching sinks and vanities that mesh well with a backsplash and wall tiles. These should be carefully planned out so that you can insure that the space is water tight and easy to maintain. Enamel on steel and stone sinks are great choices and very durable.

Bathroom Showers

Showers are becoming more popular these days than tubs as they are easier to maintain and take up less space. A water saving shower head that is removable is a good idea as it opens up showering options, especially if you have little ones.

Bathroom Space

Many bathrooms can be small and may not always have adequate ventilation or natural light. If you have a window it is best to utilize it. UV rays and fresh air can be very helpful in preventing mold and mildew and keeping your bathroom smelling fresh. Plan your fixtures accordingly to make the most of your space.

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