Tiling Project Checklist

In addtion to finding the right tiles for your space, you will also need to carefully plan for the installation of the tile. There are quite a few tools and materials you will need to have into order to do a quality tile installation.

Many will argue that in order to get the best results the most important aspect in the project is the knowledge and experience of the tile installer. For some, this may be the first tiling project and that is ok as well.

Outdoor Tiling: How To Guide

Outdoor patio tiles should be stones or materials solid enough to withstand erosion. Common outdoor tiles are granite, ceramic, stone and porcelain. Outdoor tiles surrounding a pool should be abrasive and impermeable because when wet, the tiles need to be non-slip and dense.

Prepare for your outdoor tiling project by assessing the ground in the area, identifying any concerns with tile placement.

Tiling a Wall: How To Guide

Tiling a wall is a lot different from tiling floors, especially if you are tiling a wall in a kitchen or bath area. Special consideration and treatment of the wall for moitsure and water leakage must be made and special materials must be used to protect the walls and tile from damage.

Ceramic tiles are a good solution for areas that need an easy to maintain tile. They are durable and the surface can be easily maintained.

Retiling a Floor: How To Guide

While most tiles of good quality can last for many years there comes a time when you will need to renovate and retile your floors. Our little how to guide will help you plan your floor retiling project and make your do-it-yourself retiling project just a little bit easier to manage.

For beginners retiling a floor can seem like a tricky task, you will need to figure out how to manage the job and handle tasks such as sizing and cutting tiles to fit snug against walls, corners and other structures that may be in the area.

Bathroom Renovations: How to & Planning

Bathrooms can be tricky to renovate, especially if you are currently living in the home that is being renovated. When planning a renovation it is best to make a list of the items you want to replace and plan on ordering everything ahead of time in order to handle the renovation in a quick and efficient manner.

Affordable, not Cheap Porcelain Tiles in Brooklyn NY

Italian Tile Imports NY has a large quantity of luxury and affordable, not cheap, tiles in our brooklyn tile store and warehouse. As we close out the summer renovation season we are making way for some of next seasons new tile imports. You can take advantage of great deals on some of the most elegant and quality tiles in our inventory.

Featured Porcelain Tiles:

Here is a quick look at just some of the porcelain tiles in our inventory.

Tiles for Sale in Brooklyn New York

It's that time again as we wrap up another summer and start preparing for the holiday season. For some, however, there is still work to be done and here at Italian Tile Imports NY we have some early holiday specials as we clear up our year's inventory in order to make way for new tiles imported from all around the world.

Million Tile Milestone

Italian Tile Imports NY has achieved and maintained a Million Tile Milestone. Thanks to our loyal customers and the recent development of Brooklyn, we are proud to announce that we have reached and been maintaining 1 million square feet of tile between our Brooklyn Tile Store / Showroom and Warehouse.

Kitchen Renovations: How to & Planning

Kitchen renovations can be quite involved depending on how much you want done. But whether you are simply replacing some appliances, cabinet doors or floors - great planning can save you time, money and headache.

Kitchen Renovation Planning

There are a few questions you should answer before you jump into your project.


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