Kitchen Renovations: How to & Planning

Kitchen renovations can be quite involved depending on how much you want done. But whether you are simply replacing some appliances, cabinet doors or floors - great planning can save you time, money and headache.

Kitchen Renovation Planning

There are a few questions you should answer before you jump into your project.


  • Are you going to manage the entire renovation yourself or hire a contractor?
  • Will you design the layout and pick out appliances / items (Kitchen Tiles, Sinks, Cabinets) or will you use an interior designer?
  • Will you do some of the work yourself? If so separate out the parts you will handle and those that will be handled by others.
  • Measure your space from wall to wall and wall to ceiling to make sure you order the right amount of supplies.
  • After measuring carefully consider the height of countertops, and placement of cabinets.
  • Be wary that you will need to tile under appliances and some furniture.

It is best to clearly define responsibilities and assign them to the appropriate parties. For instance if your renovation will include plumbing and electrical work then you will need to coordinate those jobs and schedule accordingly.

Proper planning will help streamline your project, for instance you don't want your contractor waiting on plumbing installation to be completed before he can begin his work, as well you don't want your plumber working without electricity. Make sure you plan ahead for any possible conflicts and schedule your resources accordingly.

Getting Started with your Kitchen Renovations

Once you have coordinated your time and resources it is time to insure that you have (or will have) all of your supplies and ideas laid out.

Carefully measure all of the spaces and make a list of all of the supplies and equipment you will need, if you are working with a contractor check with them to make sure that they are clear on what needs to be done and have arranged to have their supplies and equipment brought to the site on schedule.

Common Kitchen Renovation areas include (but are not limited to):

Make sure to carefully price the supplies involved in your kitchen remodel. You may be able to save quite a bit by sourcing your renovation items yourself, rather than paying a premium for having your contractor handle the purchase of items such as floor tiles, backsplashes or countertops.

Selected Kitchen Renovation items from our Brooklyn NY Store

Kitchen Renovations Brooklyn NY Store

Select items available in our Brooklyn NY store. These are just some ideas to consider for your kitchen renovation project.

Kitchen Countertops

kitchen countertop

Gallo Veneziano - Imported from Brazil

This countertop boasts a Slick, modern look and feel and is great for high activity kitchens, maintaining it's finish through extensive use.

kitchen countertops

Blue Pearl - Imported from Norway

The Blue Pearl features a classic industrial look and smooth finish. Perfect for kitchens that include stainless steel appliances, sinks or faucets.


Kitchen Tiles

granite tile

Colonial Cream Granite Tile - Imported from India

This colonial cream granite tile is perfect for just about any kitchen as it accentuates both lighter and darker rooms with a classic retro look.

maple red granite tile

Maple Red Granite Tile - Imported from China

Revisit an alluring Rennaissance or Art Nouveau era, depending on how you incorporate it. This maple red tile is a nice touch to a more classical kitchen remodel.


royal feast kitchen mural

Royal Feast Kitchen Mural   --- See more Murals

Bring your kitchen to life with some color and classic feel. We can custom design your mural based on your design and specifications. Contact our Brooklyn Kitchen Renovations store for more information.

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