Outdoor Tiling: How To Guide

Outdoor patio tiles should be stones or materials solid enough to withstand erosion. Common outdoor tiles are granite, ceramic, stone and porcelain. Outdoor tiles surrounding a pool should be abrasive and impermeable because when wet, the tiles need to be non-slip and dense.

Prepare for your outdoor tiling project by assessing the ground in the area, identifying any concerns with tile placement.

Take a moment to calculate the area where the tiles wil be covering. This will help to minimze the amount of tiles to be cut. Make sure the ground about to be tiled is solid and clean with no cracks.

Take time in cleaning and leveling the ground as this will help the tile sit firmly and reduce the chance for tile movement. Apply mortar to both the ground and the bottom of the tile to ensure there are no air bubbles in between. Apply mortar to sections at a time to prevent drying.

Make sure the tiles are in place and well bonded then clean any excess mortar and remove the spacers.

Finally, cover the tiled area and wait for one day or until the mortar is set and dry. Once tiles are steady and in place, you will have to apply acrylic grout sealer. This will fill the rows and columns between the tiles, so choose a color that goes well with your area! Use a soft sponge and gently wipe of excess grout of off the tiles.

outdoor tile project

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