Tiling Project Checklist

In addtion to finding the right tiles for your space, you will also need to carefully plan for the installation of the tile. There are quite a few tools and materials you will need to have into order to do a quality tile installation.

Many will argue that in order to get the best results the most important aspect in the project is the knowledge and experience of the tile installer. For some, this may be the first tiling project and that is ok as well.

If it is your first project then you will just need to take some additional time to go over your plan and make sure that you have everything that you will need to get the job done.

Tile Accessories and Materials

Primer is applied to the area that needs to be tiled before placement of tiles.

Tile Adhesive
There are different types of tile adhesive based on the type of surface the tile will be laid on.

Help insure that tiles spacing is even and that the tiles are level when laid.

Used to seal tile spaces and level out tiles. Ensure that you get the right color grout for your tile.

Grout Sealer
Protect the grout - preserves color and finish.

Creates a flexible grout joint. Use around the perimeter of rooms, wall corners, or where the tiles meet other surfaces.

Tile Sealant
Seals and protects porous tiles such as unglazed ceramic tiles, stone and slate from dirt and liquid.

Tile Cutter
Used to cut the tiles (especially for corner tiles) to fit into place.

Additional tile accessories you may need:

Tape Measure, chalk line, nail gun, sponges, rags, towels, floor protection and glass cutter.

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